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Are you tired?

It may not be due to work and family life



I hear the words “tired” and “stress” far more often that I hear the words “energy” and “happiness.”


Has home sapiens become home stressiens?


It is terribly easy to attribute tiredness to work, studies and family dynamics.  It may be a factor not necessarily a cause.

You could consider the condition of your physical heart. Scientific research* shows that those who regularly feel very tired especially with chronic fatigue, have a lower cardiac output.


A healthy person pumps seven litres of blood through the heart when lying down in the horizontal posture and this reduces to five litres in the standing posture.


People with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) have an output of five litres lying down and 3.7 litres when standing. This means that organs get starved of the blood they need. No wonder people want to lie down.


You could say that tiredness in body and mind is the mildest form of gradual heart failure. In other words, tiredness and CFS may well  be due to poor muscle function of the physical heart and the other muscles.


Tiredness then functions to protect the heart from heart failure.


If the heart muscle is not working properly due to lack of exercise, there will be a reduction of full blood supply  to other parts of the body.


A sign of poor blood supply is tiredness, fatigue and finding it harder to tolerate pain, heat or cold.


The lack of blood supply to the 640 muscles in the body means they function without a proper supply of oxygen.  Muscles strength gradually weakens so tiredness becomes a common complaint.

Poor blood supply can affect the thyroid glands, lungs, kidneys and diet.  Loss of blood supply weakens immune system, makes us prone to infections and poor detoxification. Poor blood supply to the brain affects memory, mindfulness, concentration and generates, at times,  brain fog.


What is the solution?



Don’t think about it. Do it.  Dare I say: “It’s the only way.”  The medical recommendation is minimum 20 minutes per day to make the heart pump faster. Speed walk. Walk uphill. Jog on the spot. Carry your shopping. Carry your suitcase.




PS. Yes, I know. A small number of people  are blessed with lots of energy, strong circulation and heart muscles without exercise who experience a long active life.  A small number….


*See Peckerman Scientific Paper. 2004

From the blog

October 7, 2011


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