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International Schedule for Christopher. Zoom/Residential
Five times zones. Plus Residential Centres,

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Three Online Courses listed below:




  1. Develop a depth of mindfulness and ongoing wellbeing

  2. Find a deeper connection with yourself, others, and nature

  3. Suitable for beginners and those with prior experience

  4. Step by step instructions and guided meditations

  5. Explore themes for reflection

  6. Engage in a short daily meditation on a photographs

  7. Invite others and share your experience

  8. Develop tools to for calmness and clarity

  9. Develop power of attention, empathy, and resilience

  10. Support family, friends, and work colleagues.

  11. Know a wise response to situations

  12. Reap long-lasting benefits

The Mindfulness Challenge offers

  • The Challenge offer a precious and supportive mindfulness for calmness, clarity of mind and wise approach to daily life.

  • The Course is suitable for complete beginners and for those who have a wealth of experience in mindfulness practices.

  • With step-by-step instructions, our content includes short talks, guided meditations and tips. You have themes for reflection.

The Mindfulness Challenge includes
The Mindfulness Challenge includes written teachings/instructions/one-to-five-minute audio talks and around 120 photographs for reflection.
You will receive clear instructions for each day of the 90 days.
You can start your Mindfulness Challenge today.
Cost of the Mindfulness Challenge
We have made the 90-day Mindfulness Challenge Course as affordable as possible.
Cost of the Course is: 
•    £19.20 (including tax)
•    $28.00
•    €28.00
•    A$38.00 
•    ILS (Israel) 88.00 
•    India 2100 Rupees.

You can make a single payment with your Visa card or Paypal when you sign up. You will get instant access to the course. 
To sign up and register for the Challenge:
For more information email us: 
Your payment for the Course makes a major contribution to the monthly renting/running costs of The Wise Lotus Centre (TWLC) in Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire, UK. 
Nshorna, my daughter, is the founder of the new Centre, offering classes/workshops/courses on mindfulness, meditation, yoga, therapy and more to support children and adults. 
We offer a PDF Certificate of Mindfulness for those who complete all 90 days of the course. It may take you longer than 90 days
Do take up the Challenge! 

The Buddha's path to Happiness


We put together a five-week online course which offers steps to an authentic happiness based on the insightful teachings of the Buddha. This course offers the opportunity to explore the relationship of clarity of mind and insights to happiness. It offers short videos and supportive texts. The course gives practical guidance to develop and experience happiness in daily life.

For more information go to

The Mindfulness Training Course


This four-week online course offers insightful practices and reflections for mindfulness in daily life. Each week we provide essays, reflections, exercises and audio talks as well as the possibility for contact with the teachers.

The course touches upon mindfulness of the body, the breath, feeling tones and sense contact. It supports the development of a daily mindfulness practice.

For more information go to

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