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The Buddha Study Guide offers the core teachings of the Buddha as seen in the Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha - the best known text of his teachings.


  1. Introduction to the Buddha Study Guide

  2. Cost of Buddha Study Guide

  3. Why the Middle Length Discourses is a worthy book for reflection

  4. How to reflect on the 12 important discourses in the MLD.

  5. Titles of Books of Suttas with Buddha’s 10,000 discourses in total.

  6. 100 frequently used Pali words (language of the Buddha).

  7. One Line Summary to other discourses in MLD.

  8. Reference to Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha by Bhikkhu Bodhi.

  9. List of primary Numerical Groups such as Triple Gem, Five Precepts etc

  10. Recommended books, dictionaries and essays for further studies.

  11. The Explicit Buddha by Christopher Titmuss. This book is a deep exploration of the Buddha's teachings. Available from and Amazon. 246 pages.

  12. Use of which offers discourses in English, Pali and some other languages.



There is a single registration charge.

€10.00 (Euros) / £9.00 (Pound, Sterling) / $12.00 (US dollars) / Shekels. 42 (Israel) / A$15.00 (Australian dollars).

Click on Donate (button below this box) to make Payment, via Paypal. You do not need an already existing Paypal account. 


Upon receipt of the registration cost, you will receive the Buddha Study Guide in a  PDF form.

The registration costs help cover my preparation for the Buddha Study Guide, the setting up online and the ongoing support for participants. Your support for myself is very much appreciated. Your support enables me to work on fresh initiatives, new programmes, writing projects, attend meetings to support the Dharma as well as give support to my family with the four grandchildren.

​Y50% of your registration will go directly to the Prajna Vihar School (School of Wise Abiding) in Bodh Gaya, Bihar, India. This is the place of the Buddha’s enlightenment around 2600 years ago. Started in 1990, our school has around 600 pupils aged from five years to 16 years.

A Day in the Life of the Prajna Vihar School of Bodh Gaya, India



We run an inter-faith school with Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Christian and secular teachers and pupils. Our school includes mindfulness, yoga, dance, the arts, creative expression, environmental awareness and community/friendship building.

The head of our school is a Roman Catholic nun.

Cost per child for a year’s education is £60.00, $80.00. €70.00 $A100 and Israeli 280.00 shekels. The cost per child covers tuition, books and stationary supplies. All donations go to the school account.


Every January in the latter years of the 1980s, I gave a morning class, via a translator into Magadhi, the local language, to around 80 of the poorest children in the Thai Monastery, Bodh Gaya.

From these very modest beginnings, the school developed with the ongoing support of Rick Peterson from the USA, BDA in Brisbane, Australia and various Dharma friends worldwide to raise money for the school, as well as co-operation in the administration of the school.


We started in a room in a Buddhist monastery, then to a two room bamboo hut. We now have 650 pupils in the school receiving free education.

Look at our website for information, photographs and short films about the school.


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