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A Guided Meditation

Mindfulness of Loving Kindness


Be relaxed, comfortable and still. Access your heart. Be aware of the absence of ill will, desire to hurt or hate in the heart. 


Recite or write your own loving kindness meditation.


‘May people everywhere be free from suffering and pain.


May I abide with a warm heart, clear mind and be free from pain.


May my teachers, work colleagues, local community, loved ones, friends and contacts be free from suffering.


May every single member of my circle of relatives be free from suffering. 


May the friendly, strangers and the unfriendly be from suffering.


May we develop more and more deep appreciation of inter-dependence with each other and our environment.


May creatures in the ground, on the ground, in the air and water live in safety.


May my daily activities through body, speech, hear/ mind contribute to the contentment and insights of others.


May I find the resources for the welfare of others. May I be willing to take risks for their well-being.


May all beings feel loved, supported and free.

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