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13 Reminders for Mindfulness

in Daily Life


  1. To reject any livelihood threatening or destructive to people, animals and the environment and to create useful activities.

  2. To abide with moderation in lifestyle and to make possessions last: recycling, conservation.

  3. To be clear about the number of hours weekly facing a screen (television, computer, cinema).

  4. To work on oneself the spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical and on one's relationship with others.

  5. To establish time each day for meditation, stillness and silence.

  6. To stop eating animals, bird and fish.

  7. To keep agreements, to say “yes” or “no” or “I will let you know” and mean it.

  8. To regard all events and experiences, no matter how painful, as a learning experience.

  9. To maintain contact with like-minded people - through community, friends, meetings, pilgrimages, retreats and travel.

  10. To value being over having, sharing over taking, letting of over grabbing hold of, openness over withdrawal, non-violent struggle over inertia.

  11.  To support in kindness or cash or both the wide range of individuals, charities and organisations expressing wisdom and compassion.

  12.  To be free from the narrow political ideology of the left, right and centre. Instead to ask “Where is the commitment to end suffering?” and to support this priority.

  13. To be receptive to the joys of life - in oneself, others, nature, creativity, the arts, awareness, insight and freedom - and to celebrate the wonders and mysteries of life.



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