Social Media

There are more than 1000 Dharma talks on Soundcloud covering a wide range of issues, as well as guided meditations., interviews and inquiry sessions with practitioners.


Dharma Channel: Christopher Titmuss. The channel contains around 80 videos and audio starting at around five minutes in length and longer. The Channel includes short talks, guided meditations and dialogues.


Launched in 2006, Flickr contains around 15,000 photographs in 150 different albums. Photos show French Dharma Yatra, Retreats worldwide, the Sangha, nature and family.

Here are more than 400 audio Dharma talks for free download. Ranging in length from 35 -60 minutes, talks include a wide range of themes from depths of meditation, to divine love and an enlightened life.

Contains a comprehensive exploration of features of mindfulness. 50 questions and answers on mindfulness. Quotes from the Buddha on mindfulness, guided meditations in written form, spiritual teachings, guided audio meditations and a reflection on the nature of emptiness.


Facebook Public page available to all.


Twitter serves as a link primarily for articles and poems on the blog.


More than 200 audio talks available for free download on iTunes.

The Blog

The blog offers a Buddhist perspective. Launched in 2006, this weekly blog addresses a wide range of issues. Blogs include critiques of science, medicine, corporations, political institutions and spiritual authorities. There are 12 major topics – poems, daily life issues, book reviews, mindfulness and business analysis.


For posting photographs and short texts


LinkedIn serves as a link primarily for articles and poems on the blog.