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A Religion/Psychology for the New Millennium


Deep meditation to open consciousness beyond mind’s conditioning and restricted perceptions. Love much and want little.

Enlighten and liberate our life. Realise the web of inter-connection and relationship of all forms of life with each other. Give protection to bio-diversity and a holistic view rather than a reductionist view as science often advocates. See science as a mixture of theories and facts. 

Use education to develop the heart as well as the mind. Explore the resources of ancient and contemporary spiritual traditions. Develop awareness and insights to end suffering and bring happiness and security for everyone.

Commitment to Right Livelihood (through love for others and environment as much as oneself) rather than selfish pursuit of a career.

Be mindful of ‘us and them’ without sacrificing the critique or polemic.


Inquire into  the dualism of separation. Admit as a species, we cannot control our fate, nor are masters of our destiny, nor grasp onto belief in an omnipotentl Agent.

Cultivate the sense of community and collective friendship instead of living in self-obsession and self-hate.

Develop mindfulness and reflection about lifestyle, diet and worthwhile commitments. Develop constructive engagement and facilitation processes to resolve conflict whether personal, social or international.

Prioritise wisdom over knowledge, compassion over cleverness, humility over arrogance. Take power away from centralised authority, such as politics, science and religion, and develop networks of wisdom. Seek the counsel of the wise.

Replace competition with co-operation. Develop sharing of knowledge and goods and skilful use of resources instead of exploitation.

Develop a vision of a sustainable world through respect for all species and protection of land, water and air. Acknowledge issues, events and things arise owing to causes and conditions.

End the manufacture and dealing in arms and convert all such factories and laboratories for constructive use.

Remember to reflect on what we are going to do with our free and precious life!

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