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Noble eightfold path for the earth



Alphabetical Order

  1. Right Action: Join and support organisations and political parties dedicated to the welfare of the Earth. Protest about war, environmental destruction, economic targets and other forms of abusive behaviour of governments and corporations that affect the lives of people and animals. Protest about harm and destruction to natural resources, land, water and air. Only engage in ethical investments and support worthwhile projects. Support spirituality, religion, arts, science and philosophy that support the Earth.

  2. Right Conservation: Save energy. Wear more clothes at home and work rather than turn the heating up. Examine every area of your home and in the rest of your life where you can save energy. Use less oil.

  3. Right Diet: Don’t eat animals or birds. Livestock have to be fed for months or years before they can be killed and fed to humans. Arable land produces far more food for humans than cows and sheep grazing. Buy organic food, fair trade goods and support local farms and local shops. Refuse to eat in a fast food chain restaurant, refuse to drink in Starbucks, or drink Coca-Cola, Pepsi Cola, or consume Nestle products.

  4. Right Letting Go: Renounce your car. Or, if you believe you must have a car, then one car per household.Share your car. Drive sparingly. Use the car as a last resort. Make the same modest size car last over many years. Use public transport or walk.

  5. Right Mindfulness. Practice keeping to basic requisites of food, clothing, shelter and medicine. Make things last. Refuse to live in excess. Never go to the shops without carrying shopping bags from home. Don’t accept plastic bags. Keep packaging to the minimum. Give to charity shops. Be mindful of what you wear and wear clothes come from. Avoid certain companies like Nike.

  6. Right Renunciation: Let go of desire for a bigger or better home. Have a spring clean in your home. Develop love of minimalism and enjoy outdoors in all weathers. Avoid shopping malls. Buy only necessities. Avoid impulse shopping. Keep out of debt. Offer dana (in the form of donations, time, energy) to worthwhile projects and individuals.

  7. Right Sustainability: Recycle waste food, paper, plastic, metal and glass. Be well informed about recycling. Support local community, complementary medicine, yoga, exercise and a sustainable lifestyle. Check ingredients in food, shampoos etc. . Avoid junk food, cigarettes and all recreational drugs.

  8. Right Travel: Use air travel to serve others. Fly to new destination to change one’s life such as the monastery, the ashram, retreat centre, the rainforest, a pilgrimage in the nature or to sacred places.. Avoid holiday hotels and resorts. Go camping or walking.

Keep the Noble Eightfold Path for the Earth as a regular checklist. 


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