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Guided Meditation

Mindfulness of Body-Mind


  • Develop a calm and focused meditation through sitting upright, stillness and presence.


  • Be mindful of the calming of the body through mindfulness of breathing.


  • Be mimdful of the calm state of mind. Rest in this calmness


  • Be mindful of the thoughts arising. 


  • Are thoughts providing a brief description of experience?


  • Are thoughts judgemental?


  • Recognise the mutual influence of body-mind interaction.


  • Witness experiences, physical/pschological, as in a process, not a fixed thing.


  • Develop recognition of calmness of the whole being so you can return to it with ease.


  • Reflect on what you have learnt from the whole experience. 


  • Appreciate the clarity you can bring to mind-body experiences.


  • Stay vigilant.

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