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Guided Meditation

Mindfulness of Feeling Tones


  • Know your feelings - pleasant, unpleasant or in between. 


  • Remember feelings support activities body/speech/mind.

  • Focus mindfully on primary sensation in the body due to feelings, emotions and stories. 


  • Relaxed into that area of the body. 


  • Observe changing sensations in the body and stay steady. 


  • Experience feeling tone. Be aware of description or label used to describe or judge a feeling.


  • Neither detach yourselves from feelings nor indulge in them.


  • Be mindful of interpreting past, present and future in the face of pleasant, painful or in between feelings.


  • Clinging to pleasant feelings leads to pursuit of self-interest. 

  • Clinging to unpleasant feelings leads to fear and blame. 

  • Clinging to feelings neither pleasant nor unpleasant leads to ignorance and apathy.


  • Acknowledge feelings of love, friendship, compassion, gratitude and equanimity. Be conscious of and receptive to their presence and expression.


  • Recognise worldly feelings that fuel the ego 

  • Recognise deep/spiritual feelings that fuel the ego.

  • Recognise worldly feelings that support clarity and wisdom.

  • Recognise deep/spiritual feelings that nourish clarity and wisdom.

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