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The Mindfulness Manual

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The Mindfulness Manual

Christopher Titmuss


145 pages

ISBN 978-1-326-34280-7



eBook (ePub): £4.95 (excl. VAT)

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The Mindfulness Manual provides you with first-hand experience of the importance of mindfulness in your daily life. The manual is based on the Buddha's classic and most loved discourse on the four applications of mindfulness namely to body, feelings, states of mind and the inner/outer world. This manual consists of a series of teachings and practical daily exercises with regular quotes from the Buddha. There are questions to explore at the end of each chapter. Sustained mindfulness training develops the capacity to handle a wide variety of challenging situations, and to understand more deeply the relationship of the inner life to the outer world. Christopher also addresses ethics, communication, enquiry, spiritual experiences, action, love and a liberating wisdom. 

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