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Environmental Ethics - Living With Mindfulness
20 Practical Applications Towards A Sustainable And Healthy Society


  1. Remember to switch off lights and turn down heating when you leave a room.

  2. Cook with lids on pots. Boil only the amount of water you need.

  3. Use washing machine at 40c instead of 60c to save a third of energy use. Don't use a tumble drier. Hang clothes up to dry.

  4. Turn down thermostat - 1% less cuts heating bill by 10%. Keep refrigerator just 1c warmer saves 50 kg of greenhouse gases a year.

  5. Turn TV, stereo, DVD, mobile phone charger off at the power point immediately after use. Standby uses 10-60% extra juice and contributes to fire risk.

  6. Eat grains, fruit and vegetables. Eat organic regional, seasonal food and drink. Avoid GM food. Don't smoke - to stop tobacco crops, air pollution and harm to health. Cut down on alcohol. Avoid junk food. (A tin of Coca-Cola contains 12 cubes of sugar).

  7. Use energy efficient Compact Fluorescent bulbs (CF bulbs), they last 10 times longer and save half a tonne of CO2 in its lifetime.

  8. Walk, cycle, public transport, car pool. Check emissions and tyre pressures. Cut down on flights. (Emissions of one Atlantic flight from EU to New York equals in emissions every passenger driving a car for a year - about 15,000 kilometres).

  9. Use as much as possible renewable sources and cut consumption.

  10. Minimise paper use and buy wood products from sustainable forests. Buy products with least packaging. Recycle paper, used bottles, tins and cardboard.

  11. Plant trees and look after them. Grow organic vegetables and make compost.

  12. Increase insulation in roof, windows and aluminium foil behind radiators (dull side to the wall). Install a solar water heater.

  13. Wear natural materials, such as cotton and wool, as much as possible.

  14. Install double glaze windows and ignore air conditioning.

  15. Cut down on purchases of consumer goods and only buy energy efficient appliances.

  16. Invest in ethical funds. Attend shareholder meetings for green resolutions. Press the corporate world to make policies for a sustainable society.

  17. Boycott multi-nationals that block or ignore transition to a sustainable society.

  18. Support green politics, protests and actions. Support eco friendly business.

  19. Don't support war and the selling of arms. War causes the greatest harm to people, animals, environment and infrastructure.

  20. Make things last. Never forget the difference you can make. Have fun and change the world.


May all beings live in a sustainable world


May all beings live healthy lives


May all beings live with wisdom.

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