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Here are nine blog items from my blog. The blog items explore insight meditation (vipassana), mindfulness, sitting meditation, the Buddha’s teachings on truth, insight, diet, rebirth and more.


This weekly blog started in May, 2007. Currentlly (March 2016), there are more than 470 items on the blog.


From a Buddhist perspective, the blog includes articles/critiques, daily life, reflections, environment, social and political issues, poems and prose.


Below are links to nine of the blogs.



  May all beings live with insight and wisdom 

 Christopher Titmuss's

  Blog and Websites


1.  Dharma blog 


2. Dharma teachings, annual schedule…


3.  Books, Videos, Audio Teachings ...

4. wide exploration of mindfulness, online course...

5. lists and bullet points for inner and outer change

5.  annual Sarnath February Retreats and other retreats...

6.  Annual Pilgrimage in late July in southern France.


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