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Acknowledge feelings whether pleasant, unpleasant or in between. Remember feelings give support to activities, healthy or unhealthy, of body, speech and mind.


Focus mindfully on any primary sensation in the body due to feelings, emotions and stories and events running through the mind. Stay focussed in a relaxed way in that area of the body.


Observe different and changing sensations so that a calm and concentrated mindfulness penetrates the cells.


Keep returning to that location in the body rather than staying the story around the feelings.


Experience what is felt and be aware of any description or label of it.


Neither detach yourselves from feelings nor indulge in them.


Be mindful of interpreting past, present and future in the face of pleasant, painful or in between feelings.


Clinging to pleasant feelings leads to desire and pursuit of self-interest.

Clinging to unpleasant feelings leads to fear, aggression and such reactivity

Clinging to feelings neither pleasant nor unpleasant leads to ignorance and apathy.


Acknowledge love, friendship, compassion, gratitude and equanimity. Be conscious of and receptive to their presence and expression.


Recognize spiritual feelings that nourish clarity and wisdom

Recognise spiritual feelings that fuel the ego.

Recognise worldly feelings that support clarity and wisdom.

Recognise wordly feelings that fuel the ego.


Realize that realm of peace where perceptions and feelings have no foothold.


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