Insight Meditation on

States of Mind



Be aware of the state of mind


  • calm or restless,

  • focused or wandering,

  • bright or cloudy,

  • alert or dull,

  • without desire or with desire,

  • positive or negative,

  • grounded or flighty

  • clear seeing or indulging in stories and fantasies.


Witness the state of mind rising, staying and passing in consciousness. Notice times of pure observation of the state of mind and times of being lost in the state of mind.


Regard any state of mind as the opportunity for self-learning and insight into inner life.


Witness a thought, opinion or judgement just as that. Know the difference between thoughts supported with wisdom and unwholesome thoughts.


See the mind as belonging to a process not as ‘me’ or ‘mine.’


Observe the presence of the motivation and use of "I" and "my" in the unfolding states of mind.


Learn to explore the depths of meditation and religious experiences. See such experiences as the opportunity for insight and realization.


By not holding onto any experience, the heart-mind does not become the centre of existence.


Realize liberation and the free mind.


  May all beings live with insight and wisdom 

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