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Direct mindfulness of bodily life cuts through much of the projection, if not obsession, around bodily appearance - size, age, weight, colour, gender and social values that interprets the body in a conditioned way.


Direct the attention to a full awareness of the direct body experience.


Moment to moment slowly scan the attention from the head through to the toes and from the toes to the top of the head. Experience directly the sensations and vibrations of the body.


Notice areas in the body where there is tension, pressure, aches and pains. In a relaxed way direct mindfulness into these areas.


Be aware of the centre of the discomfort and the outer edges. Observe changes and impermanence of these sensations. Direct mindfulness also to areas where there appears to be a lack of sensation.


Return attention to full awareness of the whole body. Experience the body as organic life, as various vibrations and sensations touching on consciousness.


Ground oneself in direct bodily experience. Be mindful of descriptions and interpretations of the body through like and dislikes, health and sickness, so that you can respond with wisdom to bodily life.


Experience mindfulness of body as the inter-dependence of the five elements - earth, air, fire, water, space - i.e. firmness, lightness, warmth, fluidity or spaciousness.


Realize the body belongs to the nature of things rather than being  "I" or "mine."



May All Beings Know Liberation

Through Non-Clinging

Christopher Titmuss



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