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Meditation for Healing


Be in a comfortable posture whether sitting or reclining

I am aware of the body as a living organism

I am aware of the body from head to toes

As a collection of sensations, vibrations and pulsations

Some of these sensations are comfortable

Showing no sign of difficulty for my mind

Other sensations are unpleasant, uncomfortable, and painful

I want them to go away

But they linger changing from time to time

Let me not fight these painful sensations

Let me not put pressure on myself

Let me develop patience with the process

For I have no choice in the matter

Let me remember to breathe when I need to remember

To be even-minded when I need to be

And even to smile at my helplessness

It is in circumstances like these that I must respond

To what I can respond to

And surrender what I must surrender to.




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