Remember to practise these meditations regularly for all three kinds of people. At times, you will need to concentrate on one of them due to circumstances. When you say the lines of to each kind of person remember to bring in the feeling of the heart to go with the words.

It can be worthwhile memorising the lines or similar lines to enable a loving presence to be steady in the heart whenever we are in contact with any of the three kinds of people.



May I always acknowledge and understand your intentions

May I always be supportive for you in time of need

May I never place demands and pressure on you

May you be well and happy

May your life know contentment and joy

May you be peaceful and steady from one day to the next

May our love and friendship for each other remain steady



May I not rush to judgement on meeting you

May I show friendship and presence for you

May I communicate clearly and wisely in your presence

May your day be rich and worthwhile

May you act mindfully and consciously in all things

May everybody treat you with respect

May you show kindness to everybody that you meet

May your day be free from fear and worry

May you sleep well and peacefully tonight



May your anger and resentment subside quickly

May you understand the pain you cause yourself and others

May you explore fresh ways to explore differences

May you see into the fear behind the anger

May you develop equanimity when things do not go your way

May others stop being angry towards you

May you realise that anger does not cease with anger

May others listen to you and you listen to others




  May all beings live with insight and wisdom 

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