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Dharma practice in daily life



In alphabetical order


1.Abide with authenticity and integrity. Be willing to say to YES to what is wholesome and to say NO to what is harmful.

2. Cultivate daily acts of love/kindness, compassion, appreciative joy and equanimity. Know that practice includes wise attention and reflection/inquiry into all forms of relationships.

3. Develop Dharma through ethics/virtue of non-violence/non-exploitation – mindfulness/concentration – wisdom/seeing/knowing liberation.

4. Develop love of aloneness and love of connectedness.

5.Listen regularly to Dharma teachings – online, download teachings, podcasts, you tube, CDs and guided meditations.

6.Meet very regularly with the Sangha – like minded men and women of practice. Attend or form a weekly meeting – to share a meditative silence, to share the Dharma.

7.Place in your calendar at least one residential retreat in the year.

8.Practice the direct application of mindfulness to the small tasks. Be the God of small things.

9.Practice to live in a sustainable way including mindfulness of diet, consumer goods, travel and lifestyle.

10.Read Dharma books. Read important passages consciously and slowly. Let the insights sink in. Fiction and non-fiction, poetry and prose, can provide insights into the human condition.

11.Regard practice as involving the whole day, not just any formal meditation periods in the morning and evening.

12.Take a profound interest in the threefold human process of intentions-actions-results.


Use the 12 points as a check list.



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