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The Religion of Secularism



  1. Science is the God of secular religion. Science has the power to solve all problems and has the potential to answer to all prayers.


  1. Secularists worship career, money, pleasure and sex. Nirvana is getting what I want whenever I want. ‘I’ ‘me’ and ‘my’ matters above everything else. Secularists believe they are living in the real world.


  1. Recreational drugs and alcohol are the bread and wine of secular beliefs.


  1. Self-help books are the Bibles and Koran of secular culture. Psychotherapists, counsellors and astrologers are the priests of the religion of secularism.


  1. Entertainers, fashion models, film stars, and sports stars are the Gods and Goddesses of secular religion. The television set is the sacred shrine at home to watch in attentive silence.


  1. The faithful gather to worship their Gods and Goddesses at concerts, cinemas and sports stadiums. The faithful revere the Chosen Ones of secular religion.


  1. The followers of secular religion make their annual pilgrimage to exotic resorts to worship sun, sea and sand.


  1. The shopping mall is the Kingdom of Heaven. Money is the way to the Kingdom of Heaven - homo shopiens instead of homo sapiens.


  1. The university is the Temple of Knowledge - the way to the Promised Land of personal success and prosperity. Knowledge, sustained effort and a competitive attitude are the means to success.


  1. Secularists believe production, consumption and collection of goods is a primary reason for existence. Secularists believe in ownership and wealth as the great goal of existence – human having instead of human being.



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