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Insight Meditation


This is a link to teachings which offer meditation practices, guidelines and instructions along with priorities for daily life. 


Meditation on Posture

Meditation in the sitting, walking, standing, reclining postures. Meditation on eating. Offered with practical instructions.


About Christopher

Christopher Titmuss, a senior Dharma teacher in the West, offers retreats, pilgrimages and leads Dharma events worldwide. 


Heart Meditations

Divine Abidings on

1. Love/friendship/kind ness

2. Compassion

3. Appreciative Joy

4. Equanimity, deep steadiness of the heart.

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Insight Essays

These essays address a wide variety of themes including personal, spiritual,corporate,  social, political and global. 



Here is a modest selection of Buddhist retreat centres and monasteries offering teachings and practices in the East and West. 

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Insight & Action

Wise action gives support to people, animals and environment. Plus reflection on intention, action and results. 


The Buddha Study Guide

The BSG offers a guide to the core teachings of the Buddha, as seen in the 150 discourses of the Middle Length Discourses  Modest registration fee. 

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Social Media

Social media posts include Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, three websites, blog and e-news.. 

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Teaching Schedule 2020

International teaching schedule for 2020. This includes teachings in UK, Germany, France, India, Israel, Australia and online. 



Started in 2006,  blog includes daily life issues, analysis, articles, poems, politics and spiritual/religious concerns.  



This is a list of 20 books by Christopher between 1990 and 2018. Themes include meditation, wisdom and enlightenment. 

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