Light on Enlightenment

Light on Enlightenment

Christopher Titmuss


Rider books

Random House, London

220 pages

ISBN 0-7126-7122-6

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Many of us find ourselves trapped in a way of life over which we have little control. We are pulled along by our needs and desires, never realising that these are the very causes of suffering to ourselves and others. Some 2500 years ago, the Buddha taught a way out of this trap, a way to a profound depths of clarity and wisdom. This lucidly written guide is a practical and straightforward account of the Buddha's teachings, by a former journalist and Buddhist monk. Throughout the book, Christopher Titmuss demonstrates how these teachings can impact on our own everyday lives, drawing on the experience of real people. There are searching questions for us to ask ourselves, and suggestions for practical exercises and tasks. Light on Enlightenment opens up to all of us the possibility of inner transformation and of realising an enlightened life, and expansive heart and fathomless understanding.

  May all beings live with insight and wisdom 

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