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Guided Meditation 

Mindfulness of Painful Emotions


  • Allow a painful emotion to arise without trying to control it. Regard it as an uninvited guest, not as oneself. 


  • Be mindful of emotions, perceptions, memories, intentions and projections. 


  • See what posture works best to move through painful emotions – sit, stand, walk, recline, dance.


  • Turn the attention calmly to the physical sensations in the body. Notice especially what part of the body releases sensations, such as the abdomen, stomach or chest area.


  • Keep softly moving the focus of attention into that area experiencing the different degrees of unpleasant or painful sensations and feelings. 


  • Notice the thoughts coming out from painful emotions or difficult body sensations.


  • Settle into the bare experience of the feelings and sensations coming out of the cells noticing all the changes taking place. 


  • Do not look for anything behind the emotions as this is a resistance to the emotion.


  • Stay calmly focused in the locality even when it feels calm and clear there. 

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